Díjnet Zrt.


Since 2007, Díjnet Ltd. has provided assistance with making payments and providing proof of payment electronically in a safe environment. Besides protecting the environment the system allows our consumers to save time and money. In order to make our services available for a wider audience, we employed H-Net to translate our website and co-page called iCsekk into English. The mobile application of the co-page was also translated by H-Net into English, Slovakian, Check and Mandarin. H-Net proved to be precise, flexible and dependable. We are grateful to H-Net for having made our services available to those who do not speak Hungarian. We intent to collaborate with H-Net for many years to come.

Project Details


International House,
24 Holborn Viaduct,
City of London

Mobile: +44 7 942 854 457 (available 7/24)

E-mail: info@h-net.co.uk


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