Our story


‘Good morning, Vietnam!’ bellowed Robin Williams from the radio in the legendary movie. For quite some time this was the only experience I had of the military. I was not particularly interested, anyway.
One day, thanks to two businessmen – one English and the other Hungarian – both good friends of mine, we decided to set up a company. In a cosy little restaurant somewhere in Buda, in 1999, my fate was decided and has been intertwined with H-Net ever since. Ian Gault, a former RAF officer and the owner of Bournemouth Business School International and Csaba Radnóthy who experienced the dog-eat-dog nature of business in Germany earlier, and owned Hunalmex Ltd. encouraged and guided me through the initial steps of creating this company.
Our purpose and aim in establishing the company was to improve the language competences of the armed forces in Hungary, which joined the NATO in 1999. We set out to achieve a notable presence in the military language teaching market, capitalizing on the military language competence that Ian Gault represented and on the social capital that I brought into our small “team”.
After some initial difficulties we were awarded more and more significant contracts, we increased the number of our staff, our infrastructure developed, and the company’s name was becoming increasingly well-known in the translation and interpreting market, as well.
We never visited Vietnam, but we were regular visitors at the International Air Show in Kecskemét where our translators and interpreters came through with flying colours for aiding NATO officers. As a result of being recognized as reliable and responsible, our small Hungarian company gained notice and was awarded with growing number of translation and interpreting contracts in the civil sector, as well. Probably the most noteworthy simultaneous interpreting work we have ever had to do was the live TV broadcast of the wedding ceremony of Prince William and his bride, Kate Middleton on RTL Klub in 2011. Our preparation and groundwork paid off! It will forever remain an unforgettable event.
Colleagues, leaders, clients and opportunities came and went in the company, and then TRADOS translation software arrived.
Coordinating the work around 31 languages we work in and the work of at least that many translators was by no means a simple task for our project manager.
The numerous team-building trips in the Hungarian wine regions, the theatre and concert visits, the bowling games, pool and darts battles are also unforgettable parts of our story. I might as well mention the karaoke nights, where we were literally fighting for the microphone in X-factor style.
I will always have fond memories of those team-players who have forged our success, shaped and added value to our company by sharing their knowledge. I feel fortunate to have worked with all these magnificent people for way over a decade now.
We have had our share of failure as well as our successes. One must learn to handle a fiasco in order to be able to manage his successes properly.
Are you familiar with the legendary Harley-Davidson brand? The American company that was established in 1903 and has been building motorcycles, that are a beauty to look at, ever since without a pause.
But what has it got to do with our story? Besides the initial ‘H’, that actually stands for Hungarian, what does a translation agency have in common with a large American corporation? Harley at heart. Apart from the owner being a Harley fan, H-Net translates from English into Hungarian all the documents considered marketing-technical arriving from the headquarters in Prague and Oxford. The icing on the cake was the appearance of the daughter and the grandson of Arthur Davidson – one of the inventors – in the 10th Harley Davidson Festival in Alsóörs as guests of honour on the invitation of Attila Dobai, the owner of Harley Davidson in Budapest.
To my greatest pleasure, Jane Davidson and Sue Davidson, the descendants of the founders of the brand, put the expertise of the accompanying and consecutive interpreter to a test by allowing me to convey their immense amount of knowledge, experience and particular view on the world.
In our quest to enter the international market, we have been assigned to an increasing amount of EU translation work.
Thank you for reading the brief history of our company. In case you are interested in the way we work get in touch and meet our interpreter-translator team who is up for any challenge, because we provide –

„Professional for Professionals”

Zsuzsanna Tóth
owner, managing director
Tóth Zsuzsanna