Would you prefer Hungarian advocates and lawyers to represent you in a case filed in a foreign court?

Are you about to file a tender offer and so in need of the translation of some legal documents?


Translating legal documents requires precision, accuracy and caution. When making a decision your foreign partner will rely heavily on the translated document that must be accurate enough to avoid any grounds for misinterpretations or disputes. Remember that the terminology of the translated document must be completely consistent with that of the original document because even the smallest discrepancies can alter the reading.


Therefore, at H-Net Language Center, legal translations are prepared by highly skilled translators with ample legal knowledge and experience in the following areas:


  • contracts, various agreements such as franchise and framework agreements
  • various contracts of employment,
  • loan agreements or contracts, leasing contracts
  • company documents (articles of association, copy of register, signature specimen)
  • court orders and injunctions
  • documentations of lawsuits and hearings
  • acts, statutes, decrees, regulations
  • tender related documents


Our agency exercises great care when providing high quality and accurate translations of legal documents. On request, we have the translated text proofread and stamp it with our certificate and company seal.
We also take full moral and financial responsibility – to the extent of the value of your order – on assignments we take on.


Legal documents often contain a high number of repetitions, therefore, it is in your best interest to choose a translation agency that considers the repetitiveness of such texts. H-Net Language Center uses SDL Trados translation software to give you a more accurate offer when charging for duplicated texts.
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