Would you like to expand your business abroad?

Would you like to have foreign clients?

Would you like to offer your services in different languages?

In the 21st century information is your greatest asset. Conveying the right message about your company can provide you with ample competitive advantage.
Multilingual communication in the international market allows you to do just that. By placing the management of your universal image in one hand you will gain preserved security, continuous stability and cost effectiveness.


Why is it important to maintain a universal image?


  • because multilingual communication is essential for global operations
  • because the appropriate foreign language skills of your workforce is crucial for gaining and retaining valuable markets
  • because the international success of your company depends on multilingual marketing materials
  • because the appropriate foreign language skills of your top management is a prerequisite for your effectiveness and success


H-Net Language Center’s exclusive package offers comprehensive support in communicating more professionally with your business partners.
  • Via translated websites, newsletters, publications, brochures, leaflets, posters and similar and interpreting at
  • Via interpreting at meetings, high profile events, conferences, cultural events
  • Via language trainings such as corporate language courses, weekend business language seminars, top management language coaching, or online language courses on TLT (www.theliveteaher.com)


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