Have you ever experienced an information gap when talking to a business partner?


Wonder why?


Though, you never had any trouble ordering a cold beer in a foreign language, we reckon that you would prefer playing it safe when it comes to the success of a negotiation, the signing a mega deal, or the visit of your business partners.
Do you know what kind of interpreting to request: simultaneous or consecutive?


This Interpreting Q&A should help:


Which style of interpreting suit my purpose best?

H-Net Language Center provides excellent interpreting services in a wide variety of language pairs. Contact us to find out which is the most suitable and most convenient style of interpreting for you purposes.
Our interpreters are from several different fields of expertise which allow us to provide any type of interpreting without exception at any events ranging from conferences to single talks from private events to multilateral meetings.

What’s next?

H-Net Language Center emphasizes the importance of preparation prior to the interpreting event. It is essential that interpreters get familiar with the subject matter and can study relevant resources in the target language. Therefore, we kindly ask our clients to provide access to relevant materials and/or provide consultation opportunities with our interpreters.

What is a good interpreter like?

Nativelike command of the target language is not the only prerequisite for being and excellent interpreter. When an interpreter speaks with eloquence the event goes smoothly without the parties being aware of an intermediary present.
Expert interpreters continually expanding their knowledge and vocabulary. However, without sufficient background information on the job they may falter in providing high quality work.

What can I do?

– Make notes on what you wish to talk about and make it available to the interpreter.
– Provide the interpreter with any relevant supporting material such as quotes, video clips, related regulations, notes, etc.
– Prepare your presentation or meeting material in advance and make it well structured.
– During the interpreting session pay attention to the pace, length and volume of your speech.
Our employees are all highly qualified, knowledgeable and reliable experts. All information we receive is classified. Our interpreters and employees are legally bound by a non-disclosure agreement. We guarantee high quality service and continuous monitoring in order to achieve that.